Nepaug Bible Church - - Pastor's Adult Sunday School Notes -

Psalm One Hundred And Thirty-Eight - God's Job And Ministry Security Program
(Psalm 138:1-8)
  1. Introduction
    1. Job security is an important issue in any head of household's life as his income affects the family's security.
    2. Of equal concern is ministry security, the need for one to be sure one's efforts for God will succeed.
    3. David testified of God's security for his job and ministry, and his testimony instructs us today as follows:
  2. God's Job And Ministry Security Program, Psalm 138:1-8.
    1. David expressed his heart-felt praise of Jahweh before other human leaders, Ps. 138:1, 4:
      1. With his whole heart, David claimed he would praise Jahweh, Ps. 138:1a.
      2. He claimed he would do so conspicuously (Hebrew = neged) before other human rulers, Ps. 138:1b, 4:
        1. The term "gods" in 138:1b can mean either false gods or rulers, Bib. Know. Com., O. T., p. 891.
        2. I believe "gods" (elohim) used here means other kings as follows: (a) The psalm's author, David, as king in Israel, spoke of God's perfecting His plans for his life in verse 8, which plans included establishing his kingdom (cf. 2 Sam. 7:5-17). (b) Also, David's testimony included a claim that God had strengthened him to be bold and stouthearted, something one would expect from a king's having to make a bold administrative decision, Ps. 138:3. (c) Besides, David expressed his wish that, in particular, fellow kings of the earth might praise Jahweh for his GENERAL help to humble, trusting folk, Ps. 138:4-5, 6. (d) Thus, I believe David testified of his own experience as Israel's king to fellow kings to get them to heed God so as to glorify Him and enjoy God's blessing as well!
    2. This praise dwelt on the way God provided job and ministry security for David as Israel's king as follows:
      1. David expressed praise to God for His exalting along with His previous manifestations of His nature (via the expression "Thy name") His word of promise, Ps. 138:2 [J. A. Alexander, The Psalms, p. 536].
      2. Apparently, David had run into difficulty demanding he be bold and stouthearted, and God had answered him with an encouragement to build David's boldness by giving him a promise, Ps. 138:3.
      3. God then preserved David's life as a king in need of bold faith, and had overcome David's foes, 138:7.
      4. This had led to David's becoming convinced God would COMPLETE His own plans for David's life and ministry as Israel's king, Ps. 138:8a. This was because God's loyal love endures forever, and He does not abandon His creature, the psalmist, Da vid, Ps. 138:8b.
        1. God had chosen David to become Israel's king by the leading of His prophet, Samuel, 1 Samuel 16.
        2. After David's growth of faith and installation as king, God further promised to establish his lineage FOREVER in giving the Davidic Covenant through the prophet, Nathan, 2 Samuel 7:1-3, 4-17.
        3. Thus, David learned that what God had begun in his life regarding his job and ministry as king and spiritual leader in Israel, God would complete as David trusted and obeyed God, Ps. 138:7-8.
    3. Whereupon, David called for the kings of the earth to praise Jahweh when they hear the words of God's mouth, Psalm 138:4. The reasons why they would do so are implied:
      1. These kings would sing of the ways of Jahweh for His glorious grace is great in His looking down upon that humble shepherd boy and elevating him, Ps. 138:5-6 in light of 1 Sam. 16; 2 Sam. 7.
      2. Accordingly, there may be implied the singing of joy by these kings as they also learn humbly to heed God's will and look to Him for help in their own callings of job and spiritual ministry of oversight. That way they also would find God's blessing on them in their leadership roles as well!
Lesson: Because David was divinely appointed to be Israel's ruler and spiritual leader as king, and since David humbly looked to God for functioning in that leadership assignment, he was assured God would secure his role in the future as king since GOD'S plans for David to rule needed to be fulfilled!

Application: Here is God's job and ministry security program: if we (1) FOLLOW God's LEAD as to getting into the RIGHT job OR ministry assignment, and then (2) HUMBLY seek His assistance IN that vocation, (3) GOD perfects what He initially planned to accomplish through us in that vocation! (4) That leads to our praising God and enjoying His blessing in these various assignments.