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Each time Pastor gives a message in the church, he hands out his notes. He gives many types of messages: Adult Sunday School, Sunday Sermon, Sunday Evening Message and the Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting, etc. To see those notes click the "View" link below next to the type of message you are looking for. This will lead to the master outline of each type of message given back as far as 1995. Once you are on the outline page, you will find a link to each individual message by date within the outline. The newest messages are at the bottom of the outline pages.

If you are looking for MP3 audios of the Pastor's messages, you will find an "MP3" link at the end of each message link if the audio exists. (most of the audios are for the newest messages at the bottom)

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Adult Sunday School Notes:View

Sunday Sermon Notes: View

Sunday Evening Service Notes: View

Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting Notes: View

Men's Leadership Support Group Meeting notes View

MAKING SENSE OF GOD'S ELECTION: a Digest of the Essentials of the Work by Donald R. Shell View

OTHER SPECIAL TOPICS, Interludes and Holiday Messages: View


(Some additional interludes and holiday messages are found in the normal Sunday morning sermons above under their cooresponding dates)